About Total Voice

Total Voice is the collective name for a range of advocacy and community services. By offering lots of different options, it means that you can contact the service and be supported straight away to find the right service for you.

Because we make it so easy to get the right service, we know that more people will get the support they need to make positive changes to their lives. And fewer people will be alone when making major decisions about their care and support.

The new Total Voice service will provide:

A dedicated helpline

If you want information about the different services. The advocates will provide you with self-help materials as well as help to make contact with other local support services available.

One-to-one advocacy

Face to face advocacy for eligible people, provided by advocates with specialist training in relevant law, care and support processes and working with people with communications needs.

Peer support and group advocacy

Over the coming months, we are developing community advocacy programmes:

  • Volunteering opportunities – if you have experience of using support services, to help others who face similar situations
  • Training for carers and relatives – to help you be better equipped, and feel supported, to fulfil your role in assisting someone you know.
  • Group advocacy – for you to talk about issues that affect you. Collective issues can be raised with local decision makers in order to make changes that benefit everyone.