Peer Support

Peer support gives people someone to talk to, a person who understands what they are dealing with, who can give them emotional and practical support.

Equally, it is as valuable for the Peer Mentors as for those getting that support.

Peer Mentors are people who have gone through the mental health system or are using it at the moment. Peer Mentors are able to use the experiences they have to support others. Through doing this, they gain confidence and skills as well as the satisfaction that their experiences have helped someone else in need.

Does this sound like something you could do?

Peer Mentor Roles

There are two different types of Peer Mentor roles, and you can find out more about each below:

Peer Mentor

If you have used mental health services in the past, or have helped a family member who has, and are confident you could help others, then this role could be for you.

Peer Mentor Information

Peer Mentor Plus

You need to be living on mental health unit at the moment and be confident enough to help others.

Peer Mentor Plus Information

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