New Support Session Volunteers Wanted!

Our Support Session Volunteers work with our Advocates to help people who are struggling with a health or care issue to get the support they need to live the life they choose.

What difference does the role make.

Advocacy works best if both the Advocate and the person are as clear as possible on how they should prioritise their time working together. However, when someone is struggling with lots of different issues it can be hard to work out what the priority should be.

Support Session Volunteers work with people who are on a waiting list for support from an Advocate. Part of their role is to discuss any issues a person has and help them decide what to focus on. The extra time spent with a Volunteer means the Advocate can prioritise what to support the person with from their very first meeting.

What does our current Support Session volunteer say about the role?

“You get a sense of achievement after helping someone who really needs back-up, or support.
With Total Voice volunteering I get a sense of pride working in a team that’s making a difference”

Denis – Support Session Volunteer

Who can apply?

We need volunteers who will share their values of empowerment, honesty and partnership, and who can commit to at least 6 months of volunteering

Our volunteers often have a personal interest in disability, mental health or human rights, or in helping people with care needs; however, this is not essential. All Volunteers will receive and must complete comprehensive training and shadowing with an experienced member of our team before they start.

How to apply

The role has been on trial since December 2018 but will be launched officially across our region from the 8th August 2019. Once would-be volunteers have completed the application process, training sessions are planned for August, September and October 2019.

If you are interested – head to our Volunteer For Us page for more details and to download an Application Form. Or for more details get in touch with the Volunteer Programme directly on tvcpvols@voiceability, 01223 555849 or TVCP Volunteers, C/O VoiceAbility, The Old Granary; Westwick, Cambridge, CB24 3AR.